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Transform Customer Experience with Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

With more digital technology and connected devices in every household, the need for support increases. We observe 2 main trends in this field: omnichannel support and visual, real-time support. While many consumers prefer to resolve problems themselves with the assistance of self-help support tools like knowledge-bases or online video tutorials, these options have limitations when it comes to very individual challenges. In this case, telephone still is the leading channel used to contact support providers and the preferred channel to receive real-time support. The limitations of phone-based support are obvious: Explaining a problem with words and acting upon spoken advice is challenging for both involved parties. Live video plus voice and the possibility to draw on the video to visually explain the steps towards a possible solution makes life easier for all involved parties.

With the customer experience being an important criteria in the positioning of a brand, Xpertlens helps to create outstanding first time fix rates. Customer loyalty is much higher with a trusted, easy-to-use, and result-oriented remote service. Xpertlens allows for a one-click setup and provides a competitive advantage in any remote service setup.