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Remote Support through Augmented Reality Explained

remote support image xpertlens

Imagine you bought a new WiFi router and you are facing multiple challenges during setup and configuration. You can’t connect since the real situation looks different than what is described in the manual. It would be a great help to make an immediate call to someone sitting at a service desk or a peer with the relevant knowledge to help you out. 

Imagine another case, when you want to set up your new TV set and are facing difficulties. You can’t get it connected to the internet somehow. Calling the service hotline and getting an expert on-site is frustrating, expensive, and it takes days to happen.

Field engineers are spending plenty of time travelling. Many on-site visits are obsolete with Xpertlens, as first time fixes increase by ca. 40%. Xpertlens is used for pre-visit consultations and to support customers in understanding and fixing issues on-site.

What adds a great value in this process is that the call is just not another WhatsApp or Skype video call, but a video session with the expert or a peer, who is able to draw and make notes on the screen using the built-in augmented reality tools. The video sessions become more efficient and intuitive by blending the physical and digital worlds. Drawing and making notes on the screen in real-time can guide anyone through a task in much higher precision. 

Xpertlens is an innovative platform that allows you to leverage the benefits of remote support with augmented reality and a unique video chat communication channel. This allows experts to be involved in the respective situation and to provide remote assistance. There are no special devices required, our platform runs across all popular devices (iOS and Android).

Xpertlens offers companies the opportunity to introduce a digital communication tool within a very short time. Secure, reliable, on global scale.