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Easy Collaboration for field technicians

collaboration field technicians

With AR technology, field technicians can work together on projects using their unique skills without having to be on-site. They can collaborate in real-time with remote coworkers or experts when encountering challenges or difficulties. For that, the field technician establishes a live support session with his coworkers or experts through a smartphone. The technician in the field service points the camera toward the situation and describes the challenge. They can now easily exchange information, and provide visual guidance and step-by-step work instructions, supported by on-screen drawings to resolve the problem. This enhances collaboration, improves individual skills, and increases productivity.

  • Enhanced collaboration, centralized expertise

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Increased productivity


Rapid problem resolution and improved collaboration between colleagues using live video support

A young technician in field service has been asked to check the machines of a client facility, where the field technician encounters an issue he is unable to resolve because he has never performed this task before. He needs live support with work instructions from an expert or colleague. 

The field service technician downloads the Xpertlens app and registers with one click in less than twenty seconds. Using his local phone book, he reaches his colleague who is familiar with this particular type of machine. The colleague sees what the young field engineer sees through the smartphone camera and provides visual assistance by drawing on the screen and marking specific areas. In this way, the colleague can effectively understand the problem and provide step-by-step work instructions to the field technician to fix the issue.

Xpertlens not only improves collaboration and knowledge sharing among colleagues, but also increases productivity and safety. By providing live support and visual guidance via AR, Xpertlens can help field technicians solve complex problems quickly and effectively without the need for expensive on-site support. In addition, remote support can provide virtual work instructions and alerts that reduce the risk of injury and increase field technician safety.

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Save Time and Money in Remote Maintenance

Xpertlens is perfect for any remote expertise: Identifying the issue on a broken device, setting-up network equipment, supporting complex machinery maintenance, installing a new router - skip the travel, switch to remote support!

Instead of trying to explain a complicated situation on the phone, connect with an expert and show a live feed of what's going on. Draw on the feed to highlight specifics. In real-time.

Xpertlens sets benchmarks in data privacy. All relevant data is only exchanged through peer to peer and stored on your local device.

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Our Benefits

Sharing real-time visual data and knowledge between experts and remote workers is a game changer in becoming a real-time company. Digitize any remote service and support task now with Xpertlens:

Real-time sharing

Live sharing of visual data between technicians and remote experts increases the agility by enabling prompt decision-making and effective collaboration.

Minimize field service visits

Fix customer issues without on-site visits, through remote support sessions.

Reduce travel costs

Save travel time and make support lightening-fast, no on-site visits needed.

Maximize support productivity

Increase productivity of your support staff: Reduce field trips, solve more problems real-time with augmented reality.

Minimize unplanned downtime

Maximize machine uptime with real-time support available on every smartphone in the factory!

Counter technician shortage

Complete more assignments with existing staff through remote experts and live video support